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Read the stories below to learn how NU researchers are changing the way today’s problems are solved.

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“Leading Nebraska” tells the stories of researchers, students and staff who are making a real impact. Join us in March as we follow Nick Stergiou, director of UNO's Biomechanics Research Building. He discusses how the center’s projects have led to groundbreaking innovations, improved quality of life and millions of dollars in funding from the National Institutes of Health.

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Austin Nuxoll

Making Discoveries in Staph Research

Staph Research

Staph infections are notoriously difficult to treat—and often come back even after treatment with antibiotics. UNK's Dr. Austin Nuxoll is studying antibiotic tolerance in staph infections—and the persistent problems it can cause for patients.

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Sorghum field
Martha Mamo

Growing the Future of Agriculture

Agronomy and Horticulture

UNL is supporting farmers and ranchers across the state—and around the world—through agricultural research. From plant breeding and genetics to rangeland and crop management, Dr. Martha Mamo and her department are working hard to feed a hungry, growing world.

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Hand holding petri dish
Kan Bayles

Keeping Our Country Safe

National Defense

UNMC is working with the Department of Defense on research that will protect our nation against threats including biological and chemical weapons. Dr. Ken Bayles, UNMC’s vice chancellor for research, leads a research portfolio that ranges from anthrax vaccines to drug development.

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Joel Elson and Erin Kearns

Preventing Violent Acts Through Chatbots

Counterterrorism Research

The latest effort to stop violence before it starts involves reporting suspicious activity online. UNO's Dr. Joel Elson and Dr. Erin Kearns are leading this new approach to prevention—which gets critical incident reporting to those that need it quickly.

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