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Kazuma Akehi

Injury Prevention Research

While it’s common for medical journals to cover concussions, shoulder and knee issues, and major injuries in sports, studies dedicated to muscles and nerves are harder to find. UNK’s Kazuma Akehi is filling the gap by taking a deeper look with ultrasound technology.

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Steven Barlow headshot

Steven Barlow

Front-Line Stroke Care

When it comes to preventing injury from the most common stroke, stimulating blood flow to the brain is essential. Steven Barlow and his team have figured out how to do it in a groundbreaking way.

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Christina Hoy

Pancreatic Cancer Research

Families with a history of pancreatic cancer are often faced with uncertainty about their future health. But important work at UNMC could be the first step to developing an early detection tool for this mysterious disease.

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Ebonie Epinger headshot

Ebonie Epinger

Improving the Criminal Justice System

In Nebraska, jails process more individuals than prisons. But while the state is working to reduce reoffending, research has neglected to focus on jails. Ebonie Epinger’s work will change that.

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