Board of Regents


The Standing Rules provide that there are four standing committees of the Board—the Executive Committee; the Academic Affairs Committee; the Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee; and the Business Affairs Committee. Members of the committees are appointed by the chairperson, following consultation with the Board.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall serve as the consultant group for the President during times when the full Board is not in session and shall make recommendations to the full Board, when appropriate. The Executive Committee shall review the proposed agenda of each meeting of the Board of Regents and approve all agenda items of the remaining committees of the Board.

  • Rob Schafer, Chair
  • Tim Clare, Vice Chair
  • Bob Whitehouse, Past Chair
  • Jim Pillen
  • Sarah Hotovy, UNMC
  • Staff: Carmen Maurer

Academic Affairs Committee

The Academic Affairs Committee shall address matters involving teaching, research, service and extension in support of the University mission.

  • Tim Clare, Chair
  • Bob Whitehouse, Vice Chair
  • Paul Kenney
  • Rob Schafer
  • Hunter Traynor, UNL
  • Staff: Susan Fritz

Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee

The Audit Committee shall address policies affecting operations review, accountability, and audit. Please see the Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee Charter for more information. 

  • Paul Kenney, Chair
  • Howard Hawks, Vice Chair
  • Hal Daub
  • Bob Phares
  • Logan Krejdl, UNK
  • Staff: Mike Justus

Business Affairs Committee

The Business Affairs Committee shall address matters of finance, budget, and business administration in support of the University mission.

  • Jim Pillen, Chair
  • Bob Phares, Vice Chair
  • Hal Daub
  • Howard Hawks
  • Renata Valquier Chavez, UNO
  • Staff: Chris Kabourek