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  • On the Cutting Edge of Treating HIV.

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  • The War Against Toxoplasmosis.


Here, Discovery is a Daily Occurrence.

The University of Nebraska has been a hub for groundbreaking research and innovative activity ever since we were founded to drive the growth of a state on the frontier of our nation.

Today, our frontiers are found in the advancements we make in agriculture and natural resources, transportation and highway safety, early childhood education, nanotechnology and alternative energy. We also tackle a wide range of public health issues. With research in cancer, diabetes, organ transplantation, aging, and

neurodegenerative diseases, we are improving the quality of life for people in Nebraska and around the world.

These endless interdisciplinary, inter-campus, and inter-institutional undertakings make it no surprise the University of Nebraska is among the top 30 U.S. public universities in research and development spending. Research funding has more than doubled since 2000, which has helped us build world-class facilities in Lincoln and at our Medical Center.

Current Research

Finding Answers to Questions the World Didn't Know to Ask

This annual event gives UNK students a chance to present their scholarly work through presentations, speeches, and art.

Student Research Day

Annual Student Research Day

Annual Student Research Day

This annual event gives UNK students a chance to present their scholarly work through presentations, speeches, and art.

UNL Libraries and computer science have teamed up to use visual cues – rather than text – to cull poems from historic newspapers.

Searching the News for Poetry

Searching the News for Poetry

UNL Libraries and computer science have teamed up to use visual cues – rather than text – to cull poems from historic newspapers.

Facilities: Where the Real Work Happens

Empty seats in a lecture hall

Nebraska Innovation Campus Connects Big Thinkers

The new 232-acre, world-class research campus helps local companies, entrepreneurs, and university researchers collaborate on new ideas.

Exterior image of the Cancer Center

10-story Facility Aims to Change the Way we Treat Cancer

In 2017, the $323 million Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center will bring scientists and clinicians together in one place to work as a team, caring for patients and creating new cancer treatments.

Two people in biocontainment suits rolling a device out a pair of doors

Training The Nation for Ebola and Other Emerging Threats

The Biocontainment Unit was designed to provide a full spectrum of care, from quarantine to intensive care treatment. It is designed to handle everything from smallpox, SARS and avian influenza to the Ebola virus. It is staffed by 30 highly trained medical professionals who have special training in disaster management, cardiac life support and bioterrorism.

Laboratory bathed in green light

Lab Sheds Extreme Light on New Field of Research

The Extreme Light Laboratory’s high-powered laser, Diocles, produces the strongest light our planet has seen. It allows researchers to study conditions once found only on the Sun.

Exterior image of the Dunham Research Center

Research Tower Stands for Hope in Healthcare

In 2009, Durham Research Center II opened next to its twin, built six years prior. Together, the two towers enable groundbreaking research across more than 550,000 square feet of space.

Image of a large machine

Addressing Nation’s Largest Problems Through Nanoscience

Completed in 2012, UNL’s 32,000-square-foot Voelte-Keegan Nanoscience Research Center is nationally recognized in materials research science and engineering, nanoscience, and nanotechnology.

Exterior image of the Peter Kiewit Center

Collaborative Institute Melds Expertise From Lincoln and Omaha

Peter Kiewit Institute (PKI) is an innovative educational and research institute that promotes collaboration and solution development in engineering and information technology.

Recent Awards and Recognition

Rick Miller, Ph.D.

2009 Professor of the Year Award

UNK Professor

Susan Sheridan

2015 Senior Scientist in School Psychology Award

Nicholas Stergiou, Ph.D.

2010 Chancellor’s Strategic Planning Award for Academic Excellence

Elliot Ostler

Elliot Ostler, Ed.D.

2016 Innovation, Development and Engagement Award

How to Benefit from Our Expertise

We’re always looking for new opportunities to change and be changed for the better. And we're particularly excited about ventures that foster entrepreneurship and economic competitiveness in Nebraska. Explore our current partnerships, become a partner yourself, or get involved in our tech transfer efforts.

Click here to see us in action: University Technology Development Corporation

Put New Technology to Work

Our tech transfer partners help us to grow ideas into tangible, innovative solutions that we could not create alone.

Click here to see us in action: UNeMed
Click here to see us in action: NUtech Ventures

Solve Problems

We are in constant collaboration with public and private businesses, organizations, and agencies to solve real-world issues through research.

Click here to see us in action: Nebraska Innovation Campus

Strengthen Communities

We have the resources, insight and interest to make a positive impact on the communities we call home.

Click here to see us in action: UNO Community Engagement Center

Total FY2019 research expenditures, in millions


Annual economic impact on Nebraska from our research, in millions


Patents granted to NU in 2019 for faculty research & discoveries


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