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A Time for Reinvention

The University of Nebraska's Path Forward

Read President Carter's Memo to the Board of Regents

Great Universities Reinvent Themselves

American higher education is at a crossroads. Between rising costs, muted revenues, demographic shifts and a changing public narrative around the value of a college degree, universities around the country are navigating a perfect storm of challenges. The University of Nebraska is no exception.

Nebraska’s only public university has served the people of the state through affordable education, world-class research and outreach and engagement for more than 150 years. A strong university is as important to the state’s growth and success as it has ever been.

But to prosper in today’s changing higher education landscape, we will need to reinvent ourselves. That, after all, is what great universities do – and the University of Nebraska can be among the nation’s greatest.

This website shares the work being done by President Jeffrey P. Gold, M.D., together with the Board of Regents and colleagues across the university system, to reimagine the University of Nebraska so that we continue to serve students, the workforce and our communities for the next 150 years and beyond.

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