A Discussion on Central and South Asia

University-Wide Graduate Students Expertise

A large number of NU faculty, staff and graduate students have conducted research in, teach about, or have interest in Central Asia and/or South Asia. NU faculty and staff are listed here, while graduate students are listed below. 

If you would like to be included in this list, please email Dr. Steven Duke in NU Central sduke@nebraska.edu.

Graduate Student Expertise

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Abhishek Bhati

PhD student

  • Indian sub contient
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James E Baker

Graduate Student

  • state elites, post-Soviet urban imaginaries and geonomastic regimes, Baku, Azerbaijan; Astana, Kazakhstan
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Timothy W. Karstrom

Alumnus and prior CASA Presenter, veteran Operation Enduring Freedom

  • UNO - Center for Afghanistan Studies
  • Afghanistan, CASA, law, history, legitimacy, transportation, logistics
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Vinod Ahuja

Graduate Student

  • UNO - College of Information Science and Techonology
  • Pakistan, Sind