Central Asia/South Asia Summit 2019

Prabhakar Shrestha

Portrait of Prabhakar Shrestha

Director of Sustainability

UNL - Facilities Management
Nepal, India, Bhutan in the topics of Environment and Natural Resources, Sustainability

I am deeply interested in planning a course that talks about environmental conservation movement and management of natural resources in South Asia particularly in Nepal, India and Bhutan. Many UNL students have expressed their interests in studying the topics of eco-feminism, eco-tourism, sustainability, natural resource management as it pertains to these countries and the culture and philosophy that they share. UNL currently does not offer any programming or study abroad opportunities on these topics. Our students will benefit immensely by studying how different cultures, people and their community relate to nature and environment. It is vital that they get to see and experience these diverse perspectives which will greatly enhance their academic life and learning when back on campus.