Heidi Reelfs

Physical Therapist in the Munroe-Meyer Institute’s Physical Therapy Department, UNMC
March 29, 2019

On behalf of the Board of Regents, I am pleased to present a KUDOS award to Heidi Reelfs, a physical therapist in the UNMC Munroe-Meyer Institute’s physical therapy department.

Nominator, Sandy Willett, Director of the MMI Department of Physical Therapy, called Heidi "a classic example of one individual driving transformational change within our department. Primarily a clinician, Heidi embraces new challenges and is instrumental in our clinical program, our research activities, and training pediatric physical therapists at all levels."

Chancellor Gold; Regent Hotovy; Heidi Reelfs, recipient; Scott Reelfs, husband; President Bounds 
Chancellor Gold; Regent Hotovy; Heidi Reelfs, recipient; Scott Reelfs, husband; President Bounds

At MMI, Heidi mentors physical therapy residents during their one-year program and is involved in clinical teaching with physical therapy students. She provides clinical support for research with one MMI colleague, and, collaborates with another on a different research project.

She has been with MMI since 2011, and also worked with them from 1997 to 2004.

Today, Heidi works primarily at Bellevue Public Schools, providing early intervention and school-related therapy – important work that allows her to represent MMI to the community-at-large.

Sound busy enough? She also represents MMI and the MMI Department of Physical Therapy on the Nebraska Special Education Advisory Council and is a Department of Health and Human Services Routines-Based Interview trainer for early intervention providers in the state.

As you can see, Heidi wears many hats. She balances them well, her MMI nominator said, and never loses sight of the purpose of these responsibilities, which are to transform services for individuals with developmental disabilities and train the next generation of providers.

Today, Heidi is accompanied by her husband, Scott Reelfs. Please join me in thanking Heidi for her many contributions and dedicated service to the University of Nebraska Medical Center.