Mike Dierks

Workstation Specialist III in Customer Support Services Department, UNMC
June 1, 2017

The Board of Regents is pleased to present a KUDOS award to Mike Dierks, a workstation specialist III in the Customer Support Services Department of UNMC’s Information Technology Services.

Mike has been with UNMC for 20 years and has produced innovative approaches and ideas that are far above the expectations for his position. He also is a major participant in the Apple Digital Campus initiative, which enables faculty to deliver health professions curricula in a digital format. His supervisor and nominator, Joel Hovdenes said, “Mike contributes highly ingenious and valuable suggestions for improving work. He displays brilliance in his creativity and original thinking.”

Kudos - Mike Dierks

Dean Dierks, father; Laura Dierks, wife, Chancellor Gold; Mike Dierks, recipient; Joel Hovdenes, supervisor; President Bounds; Regent Schafer.

He goes on to say: “Mike demonstrates significant expertise because of his in-depth knowledge and skills. He is an exceptionally fast learner and leads the organization in looking for ways to improve quality and promote quality awareness.” Mike’s sound judgment results in decisions that are consistently on target for even the most complicated issues. He also ensures that the appropriate people are included in the decision-making process, and immediately identifies the existence and nature of problems. In addition, Mike is skilled at gathering and analyzing complex information from multiple sources, and often resolves or minimizes problems by addressing them in their early stages.

Today, Mike is accompanied by his supervisor, Joel Hovdenes; his father, Dean and wife, Laura. Please join me in thanking Mike for his contributions to the University of Nebraska Medical Center.