Kayla James

Director of Internal Audit, UNK
November 18, 2016

On behalf of the Board of Regents, I am pleased to recognize Kayla James, UNK’s Director of Internal Audit. Kayla has worked at UNK for 21 years. In 2010, she led the establishment of the Internal Audit office and has managed it since that time.

It is Kayla’s chief duty to review, advise and ensure that the UNK campus has the management, control and governance processes in place that are necessary for compliance and to support the intended functionality of UNK’s many programs and operations. This is accomplished through audits and analytical review of organizational and functional activities. Kayla determines those areas of review that provide the best means of measuring the effectiveness of resource management, compliance with NU policies and with state and federal law.

Kayla James

Chancellor Doug Kristensen; Bob James, husband; Kayla James, recipient; President Bounds; Regent Schafer

Before coming to UNK, she was employed as an Auditor for the State Auditor of Public Accounts. She has a bachelor’s degree from UNK in Business Administration with emphases in Accounting and Business Management. She is also a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Internal Auditor. Kayla also is a recent graduate of NU’s “Maximizing Organizational Resources” Leaders Program.

While no one relishes the appearance of the auditor, all agree that Kayla’s approach is top-notch. She is respected, honest, clever, and if there is such person, a fun auditor. Your impressive and important work is highly valued by the University community. Congratulations!

Accompanying Kayla today is her husband, Bob James.