Kavita Mallya

Researcher, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, UNMC
January 30, 2015

Dr. Surinder Batra, department chairman, says that Kavita’s contributions as a researcher and lab manager have been remarkable. “Kavita is an exceptionally talented worker whose competence, expertise and understanding of laboratory skills brings new dimension to our programs at UNMC. She shows the highest levels of creativity, and is a natural in research and administration with respect to deadlines and finishing assignments for reports and regulatory affairs.” 

Dr. Batra said that he admires Kavita’s ability to work with a wide variety of personalities. “Kavita is respected by all members of the staff including graduate students, post-docs and internal and external faculty. She is a true manager who has put together a collaborative environment in the laboratory.”

Kavita Mallya

Pictured: Amy Dodson; Dr. Surinder Batra, M.D., supervisor; Dr. Maneesh Jain; Ranganath Rao, husband; Chairman Phares; Kavita Mallya, recipient; Chancellor Gold; Dr. Dhanya Haridas; President Linder; Regent Koch

Nominator Dr. Rakesh Singh says that his research program and laboratory personnel have benefited from Kavita’s skills and her helping nature in more than one way. “She embodies professionalism and grace, exudes positive attitude, exhibits the highest degree of work ethics and possesses an inherent ability to selflessly help others beyond the realms of her job description. She is an asset to UNMC.”

Today, Kavita is accompanied by her husband, Ranganath Rao, supervisor, Dr. Surinder Batra, colleague, Dr. Maneesh Jain and nominators, Amy Dodson, Dr. Dhanya Haridas, and Dr. Rakesh Singh. Please join me in thanking Kavita Mallya for her contributions to the University of Nebraska Medical Center.