Venkatesh Namachivayam

Business Analyst, Information Technology Services, UNK
May 30, 2014

On behalf of the Board of Regents, it is my pleasure to present a KUDOS Award to Venkatesh Namachivayam, business analyst in the Division of Information Technology Services at the University of Nebraska at Kearney.

Venkat started his UNK career in 2011 supporting Nebraska Student Information System (NeSIS) users, but for the past two years his primary responsibility has been support for the Talisma Customer Relationship Management System (CRM), a system used by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions for recruiting prospective students. Venkat wrote the interface and made changes to the system to improve the processes used by Admissions staff members and to automate their work.

Venkatesh Namachivayam

Pictured Front Row: Gayatri Namachivayam, sister-in-law; Dr. Vani Kotcherlakota; Regent Savalia; Andrea Childress, ITS Director of Systems and Programming Back Row: President Linder; Chancellor Doug Kristensen; Dr. Ganesh Namachivayam; Deborah Schroeder, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Information Technology

He is now involved in implementation of the CRM system for Graduate Admissions and for eCampus. He is highly appreciated for his professionalism, knowledge, and customer service. The offices that Venkat supports say their staff could not do their jobs without his expertise and willingness to help. As a side note, for the first time in several years, he spent three weeks in April visiting family and friends in India. He took a laptop, just in case he was needed during that time. Suffice it to say that he was needed. He has quickly established himself as a tech VIP.

Venkat’s guests today include his brother, Dr. Ganesh Namachivayam, his sister-in-law Gayatri, his aunt, former UNK faculty member Dr. Vani Kotcherlakota, and his supervisor, UNK Assistant Vice Chancellor for Information Technology Deborah Schroeder. – Congratulations, Venkat. The University of Nebraska is pleased to recognize you for your exceptional talent and your important contributions.