Patrick McBride

Associate Dean of Admissions, UNL
September 19, 2014

An employee since 1988, Pat currently serves as Director of New Student Enrollment and Coordinator of Student Engagement with a special focus in engaging international and out-of-state students.

Pat is widely regarded among university student orientation professionals as one of the very best orientation directors in the country. 

Patrick McBride

Pictured: Colleen McBride, daughter; President Linder; Mary Pat McBride, wife: Chancellor Perlman; Alan Cerveny, Dean of Enrollment Management; Theresa McBride, daughter; Dorothy McBride, mother; Laura McBride, daughter; Regent Schroeder.

With literally hundreds of new students going through UNL’s New Student Enrollment program each summer, he often serves as the “safety net”, able to rescue a student or family experiencing some challenges during the day and to help them in a way that often turns what had been a disappointing experience into a decision-affirming one.

He has created special programming and activities for out-of-state and international students to help them assimilate into the UNL community including a recent Lincoln Saltdogs baseball outing where 120 students from different states had a chance to mix and make new friends and a number of weekend retreats during which international and American students get to spend significant time together and get to know each other better.

Pat’s guests today are his wife, Mary Pat McBride; mother, Dorothy McBride; daughters, Colleen, Theresa and Laura; the dean of Enrollment Management, Alan Cerveny and the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Juan Franco.

Please join me in thanking Patrick McBride for his dedication to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and to the Office of Student Affairs.