10/31/2014 October 31, 2014: Statement from Regent Hawks

The agenda for the meeting of the Presidential Search Screening and Selection Committee to be held on Monday, Nov. 3, has been updated to include potential selection of finalists for President of the University of Nebraska. This addition to the agenda provides the opportunity for the committee to vote on finalists at its meeting, but it does not require the committee to do so. No information on any candidates will be released unless or until a formal motion to select finalists for the university presidency has been approved by the Screening and Selection Committee. Until then, we will have no additional comment.

Date Recipient
02/01/2013 Executive Memoranda
No. 1 The Administrative Organization of the University of Nebraska
No. 2 The University of Nebraska Administrative Structure
No. 3 Functions and Responsibilities of the President's Office
No. 4 Affirmative Action Council
Executive Memorandum No. 5 is currently under review.
No. 6 Guidelines for Facilities Operation of Intercampus Programs
No. 7 Guidelines for Granting Appointments to Academic-Administrative Staff Postions in Accordance with Sections of the Bylaws of the Board of Regents
No. 8 Policy and Procedures Concerning Acceptance of Gifts, Bequests, and Grants; Acknowledgement to Donors; Reporting to the Board of Regents; and Depositing Funds
No. 9 Interim Budget Adjustments
No. 10 Policies and Procedures Concerning the General Counsel for the University, and Employment of Outside Attorneys
No. 11 Goals and Policies for Computing at the University of Nebraska
No. 12 Control and Management of the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture at Curtis
No. 13 Delegation of Administrative Authority to Approve Certain Personnel Actions
No. 14 Delegation of Administrative Authority to Approve Certain Types of University Contracts, and Requirements for Submittal and Execution of Contracts Requiring Approval by the Board of Regents
No. 15 Delegation of Administrative Authority to Accept or Reject Patentable Discoveries
No. 16 Policy for Responsible Use of University Computers and Information Systems
No. 17 University of Nebraska Policy for Disbursements from Foundation Discretionary Accounts; Accountable Plans for Working Condition Fringe Benefits in Relation to Travel, Entertainment and Club Membership Expenses; and De Minimis Gifts to Employees
No. 18 Policy on Interruption of the Tenure-Track Clock in Cases of Maternity, Disability, or Family/Medical Leave
No. 19 Policy on Overload Assignments
No. 20 Policy on University Trademarks
No. 21 Equal Opportunity in Procurement and Contracts
No. 22 Public Records Request
No. 23 Students Called Into Military Service
No. 24 Definition of University of Nebraska Program
No. 25 Policy on University Sponsored Travel by Students, Faculty, Staff, or Members of the General Public to Countries Under a U.S. Department of State Travel Warning or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Travel Health Notice
No. 26 University of Nebraska Information Security Plan
No. 27 HIPAA Compliance Policy
No. 28Executive Memorandum No. 28 is currently under review.
No. 29 Records Management and Procedure for Issuance of Preservation Notices
No. 30 Executive Authority of the Vice President for Business and Finance
No. 31 Policy on Unmanned Aircraft Systems
01/31/2013 testmenu
01/31/2013 Affordability Compact
millikenPresident Milliken’s letter to employees on proposed affordability compact, Jan. 7, 2013
01/30/2013 Speeches & Statements

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