Student Regent Brock Lewis
University of Nebraska Board of Regents, UNO

WHEREAS, Regent Brock Lewis has served as the University of Nebraska at Omaha Student Regent and Student Body President during the 2015-2016 term; and

WHEREAS, Regent Lewis has carefully reviewed the actions and decisions of the Board of Regents, UNO administration, and Student Government of UNO, effectively communicating those actions and decisions to his constituents, so as to improve the UNO student understanding and experience; and

WHEREAS, Regent Lewis conducted the business of his term with great focus and enthusiasm, establishing rapport among his peers and within administration; and

WHEREAS, Regent Lewis’s work “behind the scenes” to govern, encourage, and strengthen the Student Government organization has empowered the Senators and Executive Council members in such a way as to provide momentum and energy for the future; and

WHEREAS, Regent Lewis’s efforts to promote the Student Government and publicize its work, through student organization outreach, has greatly enhanced its stature and recognition across campus; and

WHEREAS, Regent Lewis has gained the admiration and respect of UNO administration, faculty, staff, and students, dedicating countless hours to the growth and improvement of Student Government and all its members, pushing himself and those around him to reach their full potential.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that Brock Lewis, Student Body President and UNO Student Regent, be commended by the University of Nebraska Board of Regents for his outstanding service and his dedication to the University of Nebraska.

Pictured: Regent Kent Schroeder, Chancellor John Christensen, Regent Brock Lewis, President Hank Bounds, Regent Bob Whitehouse
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