Student Regent Thien Chau
University of Nebraska Board of Regents, UNL

WHEREAS, Thien Chau has for the past academic year, served with distinction as a member of the University of Nebraska Board of Regents and President of the Association of Students of the University of Nebraska--Lincoln; and

WHEREAS, Regent Chau, through his work with ASUN, has enhanced environmental sustainability through removal of styrofoam food packaging products and the formation of a structured Green Fund to support student led environmental initiatives; and

WHEREAS, Regent Chau has positioned UNL in the forefront with respect to environmental sustainability through his leadership at national workshops at conferences in Washington DC and at Big Ten Conference meetings; and

WHEREAS, Regent Chau improved government relations and civic engagement by connecting students with legislators and opening communication with our local government; and

WHEREAS, Regent Chau’s leadership at ASUN facilitated the commitment of financial support for the UNL Health Center’s Counseling and Psychological Services, designed to reduce wait times and provide for alternative means to seek help; and

WHEREAS, Regent Chau participated in a national sexual assault prevention campaign to increase commitment to bystander intervention; and

WHEREAS, Regent Chau promoted diversity and inclusion in student government, facilitating involvement for those students often less involved in student government, such as student athletes, veterans, low-income students, minority students; and

WHEREAS, Regent Chau enhanced inter-college relations with other institutions of higher education in Lincoln with the Turbovote partnership and other continuing efforts to maintain communication.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the University of Nebraska Board of Regents expresses sincere appreciation for Regent Thien Chau’s dedicated service and effective leadership as a member of the board, and wishes him well in all his future endeavors.

Thien Chau
Pictured: Regent Kent Schroeder, President Hank Bounds, Student Regent Thien Chau, Regent Jim Pillen
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