President Bounds’ Statement on the Passing of Prem Paul

September 2, 2016

By Hank Bounds
President, University of Nebraska

“Anyone who had the good fortune of meeting Prem Paul knows it would be an understatement to say that he was enthusiastic about his work – and about life. Prem never missed an opportunity to share the stories of the amazing work of our faculty, staff and students. And he did it with true pride and passion. Prem’s impact on the University of Nebraska is impossible to measure.

“Prem’s impact on the University of Nebraska is impossible to measure.”

He elevated our research enterprise to new heights and set a tone of excellence that will live on as UNL continues its impressive trajectory. Of course, Prem would deflect any credit and instead shine the spotlight on his talented colleagues on the faculty and staff – the ultimate definition of leadership. Prem will be greatly missed, and Susie and I join Chancellor Green in offering our thoughts, prayers and support to Prem’s family and many friends.”

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