Introducing the Inaugural
Presidential Medal of Service


Presidential Medal of Service

Introducing the Presidential Medal of Service—an award that celebrates a Nebraskan who has given significant service to (or support of) the University of Nebraska and has promoted the impact that higher education has on Nebraska’s economy and well-being. It is the highest honor the President can bestow on a community member.


To nominate an individual, please fill out the online nomination form. Nominations for the University of Nebraska’s Presidential Medal of Service will be submitted to the Office for University Affairs and then forwarded to the President of the University of Nebraska. Nominations must be submitted by Sept. 10, 2018.

The following guidelines are suggested in nominating the Presidential Medal of Service recipients:

  • Nominees should be a Nebraskan who have provided significant service, support, or promotion of the University of Nebraska and the impact higher education has on Nebraska.
  • Actions that could be considered “significant support” could include a combination of items such as testifying on behalf of NU, leading a letter writing campaign, speaking at a city council or county commission on a subject related to the University, or hosting an event to raise awareness of university impact among community members.
  • The Presidential Medal of Service shall not be awarded to active faculty, staff, or administrators of the University of Nebraska or the University of Nebraska Foundation.
  • The Presidential Medal of Service shall not be awarded to any incumbent of or candidate for any elective state constitutional office, including state senator, or to any incumbent of or candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives or U.S. Senate from the State of Nebraska.
  • The nominations should be for the calendar year in which they were submitted.
  • The nomination deadline is September 10, 2018.
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