University Affairs Overview

NU's Impact on the State

Thanks in part to stable support from the State of Nebraska, the University of Nebraska continues to serve as a major economic driver for the state. The University of Nebraska:

  • Provides more than 10,000 graduates each year for the workforce,
  • Conducts and commercializes innovative research,
  • Delivers high-quality clinical care, and
  • Leverages partnerships with a range of public and private entities to attract talent and create jobs.

NU's Impact by District

The University of Nebraska has a direct impact on every district in the state. NU is educating students across Nebraska who, after they graduate, will broaden the state's workforce. It has graduated countless alums who live, work, and raise families across the state. And, it directly employs many residents across Nebraska.

Hover over the interactive map below to see NU's impact by legislative district. You can see the number of students, alumni and employees in each district, broken down by campus.