Washington D.C. Professional Enrichment Academy


Enhanced Immersive Experience

The Washington D.C. Professional Enrichment Academy brings together students from all four University of Nebraska campuses for a summer of academic, cultural and social enrichment in our nation’s capital. The program consists of a weekly seminar and various activities throughout the 10-week program. Students accepted to the academy are responsible for all program assignments and meeting the course objectives. Led by a university coordinator, this program will supplement the field-specific experience interns receive in their “day job”.

University Staff Member in Residence

Joe Hayes will serve as the program coordinator for the 2018 Washington D.C. Professional Enrichment Academy. As the University of Nebraska program coordinator, he will reside in Washington, D.C. and oversee the weekly professional development classes over the course of the summer semester. He will serve as the first point of contact for students in D.C., help answer any questions, and provide support during the duration of their stay.

As an undergraduate student, Joe spent time in D.C. as an intern for a Member of Congress on The Hill. From there he spent time consulting in New York before entering the world of career services at Connecticut College. Currently, he serves the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) in the Academic & Career Development Center as Assistant Director of Employer Relations and Internships. Joe holds an MBA from UNO, has experience teaching a college to career success course to undergraduate students, and connects with local and national employers on a daily basis.

Sample Course Schedule

As a part of the Professional Enrichment Academy weekly seminars, we will focus on the following themes over the summer:

  • Welcome to Living and Working in Washington, DC
  • Washington Meets the World
  • Policymaking in Congress
  • Policymaking in the Executive Branch and Federal Agencies
  • Career and Leadership Preparation
  • The News Media in American Democracy
  • NU Alumni Networking Reception
  • Policymaking in the Courts
  • Policy Advocacy for Higher Education and Summer Program Reflections