University Affairs Overview

Secondary Logo Process

Q: Is there a secondary logo policy?

A: Yes. It is the policy of the University of Nebraska system to invest in a single visual identity, rather than maintain multiple marks that may interfere with the University’s message. To strengthen the University’s visual identity, the creation of additional marks is restricted. As a result, any new secondary mark must be submitted through a formal process and approved by the University-wide Identity Committee prior to development and use.

If your organization or department is currently using a secondary logo, you may be contacted by the Office of University Affairs to provide proof of approval by the University-wide Identity Committee. If previous approval cannot be provided, the logo must be submitted through the approval process before you may continue to use it. Approval is not guaranteed.

Q: How do I get approval to create a new or updated secondary logo?

A: A written request with supporting documentation and business need is submitted to the University-wide Identity Committee, who will approve or deny the logo request. Approved logos, once developed, must go through final approval by the Committee prior to usage. Legal questions about the registration, protection, or infringement related to a logo or trademark should be referred to the Office of the General Counsel.

Q: Is there a form to apply for approval to create a new logo?

A: You can download the overview process and application form for a new or secondary logo here.

Q: What else should I know before requesting a secondary logo?

A: We recommend you read this FAQ, which addresses common questions, before making a logo request.