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2024 UNO Alumni in Office

We appreciate our partnership with our state and federal policymakers, who support us with state funds and through legislation as we provide accessible, affordable higher education to Nebraskans. Many of our policymakers have received their own degrees through the University of Nebraska—and know first-hand the difference that education can make in their lives.

We are proud of our alumni who have answered the call of public service, whether as a state senator in the Nebraska Legislature or as a member of the Nebraska Federal Delegation. We want to thank them for their service to the people and state of Nebraska.

  • "As someone who earned a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Nebraska Omaha, I understand how vitally important an accessible and affordable four-year institution is to an urban area such as Omaha and for non-traditional students. UNO has a long and rich history in Omaha and is a flagship for the community; excelling in teaching and a leader in innovation and research."

    Speaker John Arch
    District 14

  • “I chose to attend UNO after meeting Dr. Jody Neathery-Castro, a UNO political science professor whom I admire. She was supportive and encouraging of me pursuing a degree in political science, and I was fortunate enough to take a couple of her classes before I graduated.”

    Senator Jen Day
    District 49

  • "I taught my first class at UNO. When I came out of class that afternoon, on a particularly sunny day, I couldn't stop smiling all day and I knew I had found a calling. I taught for many years after that, in many different places, but UNO gave me that first opportunity."

    Senator Wendy DeBoer
    District 10

Nebraska Legislature

District 5 UNO, (B.S.), 1992
UNO, (ATC), 1996
District 6 UNO, MPA, 2008
District 10 UNO (M.A.), 2003
UNL (J.D.), 1999
District 12 UNO, (B.S.), 1970
District 14 UNO (MBA), 1987
District 18 UNO, (B.S.), 2009
District 49 UNO, (B.S.), 2016


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