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2024 UNL Alumni in Office

We appreciate our partnership with our state and federal policymakers, who support us with state funds and through legislation as we provide accessible, affordable higher education to Nebraskans. Many of our policymakers have received their own degrees through the University of Nebraska—and know first-hand the difference that education can make in their lives.

We are proud of our alumni who have answered the call of public service, whether as a state senator in the Nebraska Legislature or as a member of the Nebraska Federal Delegation. We want to thank them for their service to the people and state of Nebraska.

"As a state senator representing a rural district, I can speak to the unmatched value of an education from the University of Nebraska. My husband Greg and I both graduated from UNL with degrees from East Campus. Additionally, I’m proud that our three children, triplets, also graduated with degrees in agriculture from East Campus. We attribute our careers to the education and networking opportunities that UNL afforded us.”

Senator Teresa Ibach
District 44

Nebraska Federal Delegation

U.S. Senator UNL, (B.S.), 1988
Mike Flood Portrait
CD 1 UNL, (J.D.), 2001
CD 3 UNL, (B.S.), 1993

Nebraska Executive Branch

Governor UNL, (B.S.), 1979
Lieutenant Governor UNL, (B.A.), 1978
UNL, (J.D.), 1981
State Treasurer UNL (B.S.), 1982
UNL, (J.D.), 1985

Nebraska Legislature

District 1 UNL, (J.D.), 2022
District 2 UNL, (B.S.), 1973
District 4 UNL, (B.S.), 1983
District 10 UNO (M.A.), 2003
UNL (J.D.), 1999
District 21 UNL, (M.B.A.), 2022
District 22 UNL, (B.A.), 1975
District 30 UNL, (B.S.), 1976
District 32 UNL, (B.S.), 1982
District 34 UNL, (B.S.), 1978
District 36 UNL, (B.S.), 1976
District 38 UNL, (B.S.), 1976
District 41 UNL, (B.S.), 1974
District 42 UNL, (B.S.), 1976
District 44 UNL, (B.A.), 1984
District 46 UNL, (B.A.), 2000
UNL, (J.D.), 2003


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