Washington D.C. Professional Enrichment Academy

Financial Considerations & Scholarships

Budgeting for D.C.

An internship experience is most successful when you have done your research and know what to expect. Students should understand the costs associated with a D.C. internship and budget accordingly. Participating in an internship program is an investment in your future. It is important to plan for funding and managing your expenses while in Washington D.C.

How much you spend during your time in D.C. will vary depending on where you live, eat, and find entertainment, but living in Washington can be expensive, particularly during the summer. The following numbers assume a ten-week stay during the summer; a safe bet is around $5,000.

$2,500 (based on cost for a singles dorm room at George Washington University)

$500 (assuming $5.00/workday for the metro)

$200 (approximate cost of a round-trip train ticket) to $600 (approximate cost of round-trip plane ticket)

$250 (assuming students will need to buy a few items of business attire)

$600 (based on Census Bureau estimate of average weekly food costs)

$500 (local tourism, entertainment, other living expenses)


Thanks to the support of NU alumni, scholarships may be available to summer interns participating in the Enrichment Academy. For more information on how to apply, please contact Matt Hammons, Director of Federal Relations for the University of Nebraska, at dcintern@nebraska.edu