Concur Help Overview

Concur Video Tutorials

 Review the Concur video tutorials for information on travel requests, expense reports, approvals, assigning delegates, and using the Concur mobile app.

Video tutorial: Overview of the Concur travel application.


Video tutorial: Using the Concur Mobile App. *Update coming soon*


Video tutorial: Creating and submitting a travel request.


Video tutorial: Creating and submitting an expense report. 


Travel Approvers

Concur travel requests require approval by the traveler's designated travel approver and a designated financial approver. 

Video tutorial: Reviewing and acting upon travel request approvals as a supervisor approver.


Video tutorial: Acting on travel requests and expense reports as a financial approver. 


Travel Delegates

A delegate is a user who is granted permission to act on behalf of a traveler to perform tasks such as creating travel requests and expense reports. Only the traveler can submit a travel request or an expense for approval. Quick reference guides for assigning and acting as a delegate are located on the travel help resources page.

Video tutorial: Assign a Delegate.


Video tutorial: Acting as a Delegate.


Video tutorial: Submitting a request or expense created by a Delegate. 


Concur is accessible through the Firefly portal on the home page under Business Applications.