Concur Help Overview

Concur Video Tutorials

 Review the Concur video tutorials for information on travel requests, expense reports, approvals, assigning delegates, using the Concur mobile app, and more.

Note: these videos are currently being updated to reflect changes with new per diem model for meals. For more information regarding the changes with per diem for meals, click here.

Video tutorial: Overview of the Concur travel application.


Video tutorial: Using the Concur Mobile App.


Video tutorial: Creating and submitting a travel request.


Video tutorial: Creating and submitting an expense report.


Travel Approvers

Concur travel requests require approval by the traveler's designated travel approver and a designated financial approver. 

Video tutorial: Reviewing and acting upon travel request approvals as a supervisor approver.


Video tutorial: Acting on travel requests and expense reports as a financial approver.


Travel Delegates

A delegate is a user who is granted permission to act on behalf of a traveler to perform tasks such as creating and entering requests and expense reports. Only the traveler can submit a travel request or an expense for approval. Quick reference guides for assigning and acting as a delegate are located on the travel help resources page.

Video tutorial: Assign a Delegate.


Video tutorial: Acting as a Delegate.


Video tutorial: Submitting a request or expense created by a Delegate.


Concur is accessible through the Firefly portal on the home page under Business Applications.