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feeding: making sure a growing world has enough to eat. Images of wheat, corn, fields, cows, pigs and farm equipment.

Read the stories below to learn more about our programs and people who are growing agriculture in Nebraska.

Improving Concrete Production With Corn

By Jackie Ostrowicki

UNK researcher Mahmoud Shakouri believes that Nebraska’s most common crop could help address America’s infrastructure needs. He’s studying how corn byproducts can improve and strengthen concrete, the most widely used man-made material in the world.

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Stephen Baenziger headshot

Developing Wheat Hybrids to Feed a Hungry World

By Jackie Ostrowicki

Stephen Baenziger, a professor and plant genetics expert at UNL, is changing the game when it comes to wheat. He’s creating hybrids that are more resilient and productive, which will help to feed a growing and hungry world.

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Improving Health and Safety for Feedyard Workers

By Jackie Ostrowicki

Nebraska raises more cattle on feedyards than any other state. Feedyard workers, who perform manual labor and work with large animals, are often at risk for injury. Dr. Athena Ramos is working to help reduce feedyard injuries and protect workers and employers.

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Creating a Food Revolution with Indoor Farming

By Jackie Ostrowicki

UNO’s Kiran Bastola is making an impact on food production. His personal food computer uses programming to monitor and adjust environmental factors, maximizing plant biology to grow food-based plants that are fresher, longer-lasting and better-tasting.

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