Report shows University of Nebraska’s annual economic impact is $3.9 billion

January 29, 2016

The teaching, research and outreach activities of the University of Nebraska annually generate more than $3.9 billion for Nebraska’s economy, according to an independent new analysis of the university’s significant and far-reaching impact on the economic and cultural vitality of the state.

The analysis, presented today to the NU Board of Regents, was conducted by Tripp Umbach, a leading national consultant with expertise in economic impact studies. NU President Hank Bounds said the firm’s findings confirm that the University of Nebraska plays a fundamental role in ensuring the state’s economic competitiveness and quality of life and that continued investment in higher education is vital to the state’s success.

“The University of Nebraska touches virtually every Nebraskan in some way,” Bounds said. “We know intuitively that the university is deeply connected to the economic and social well-being of the state. This report confirms that the state cannot be successful without its public university. No single number or report can fully capture the impact of the University of Nebraska. But this analysis makes clear that the mission-driven activities of the university are transforming lives and communities across the state – and that we have a proven record of successfully leveraging the resources that Nebraskans invest in us.”

Paul Umbach, Tripp Umbach founder and CEO, said: “NU is a major force in the Nebraska economy in terms of workforce, innovation, healthcare and economic development. The true impact of the University of Nebraska goes far beyond the $3.9 billion in annual economic impact, as the university is a resource for every Nebraskan. It is the lynchpin for Nebraska’s continued growth and prosperity.”

Media Contact:
Melissa Lee
Director of Communications,
University of Nebraska