NU Board Of Regents to Meet Jan. 30

January 23, 2015

The University of Nebraska Board of Regents will meet Friday, Jan. 30, 2015, at Varner Hall, 3835 Holdrege St. in Lincoln. Committee meetings will begin at 8 a.m. The Board meeting begins at 10:30 a.m. with election of a new chair and vice chair for 2015, recognition of the Nebraska Ebola team, and remarks from University of Nebraska President-Designate Dr. Hank Bounds. Dr. Bounds, who was appointed earlier this month, officially begins his tenure on April 13; this is the first of several visits he will make to Nebraska before his start date.

All meetings are open to the public. Meetings also will be audio-streamed live at

Following are highlights of the January Board meeting. A complete agenda is available here.

8 a.m.: Legislative Update

Presenters: Sen. Galen Hadley, Speaker of the Legislature; and Ron Withem, NU senior associate vice president for university affairs and director of governmental relations

8:30 a.m.: Business Affairs Committee

Topic: Budget Update

Presenter: Chris Kabourek, assistant vice president and director of budget and planning

9 a.m.: Academic Affairs Committee

Topic: Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources 2025 Plan

Presenter: Ronnie Green, vice president and vice chancellor for the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Topic: Proposed College of Allied Health Professions

Presenter: Kyle Meyer, senior associate dean, University of Nebraska Medical Center School of Allied Health Professions

Topic: Strategic Framework Report – Graduation Rates

Presenter: Pete Lipins, senior research analyst

10:20 a.m.: Break

10:30 a.m.: Board of Regents meeting

Items for the Board’s consideration include:

  • Transitioning the UNMC School of Allied Health Professions to the College of Allied Health Professions. (Addendum XI-A-3)
  • Amendments to the collective bargaining agreements for 2015-17 between the Board of Regents and the University of Nebraska at Kearney Education Association and between the Board of Regents and the University of Nebraska at Omaha American Association of University Professors. (Addendums XI-B-2 and XI-B-3)
  • Approval of lease space for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Office of University Communications. (Addendum XI-B-5)
  • Authorizing the president, in consultation with the Executive Committee of the Board, to approve a ground lease with the Suzanne and Walter Scott Foundation to provide 300 beds of student housing and 20,000 square feet of academic and programmatic space on the UNO Pacific Campus. (Addendum XI-B-7)
  • Residence hall room and board rates for 2015-16 at UNK. (Addendum XI-B-11)
Media Contact:
Melissa Lee
Director of Communications,
University of Nebraska