Chris Calkins, Ph.D.
Searching for untapped potential in overlooked beef cuts

Professor of Animal Science, Institute of Agricultural and Natural Resources, UNL

Chris Calkins, Ph.D.

A fresh look at the familiar can reveal surprises that change conventional thinking and even spark new products.

Just ask Dr. Chris Calkins, a University of Nebraska Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources meat scientist who evaluated more than 5,500 muscle samples in the beef carcass, looking for untapped potential in beef cuts usually used for ground beef or roasts. Results provided comprehensive information about the muscles of the beef chuck and round. “We identified their potential and called the industry’s attention to muscles that are undervalued,” Calkins said. The flat iron steak is perhaps the best-known outcome of this muscle profiling research and much broader National Cattlemen’s Beef Association efforts to introduce new beef products.
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