Board of Regents Schedule: April 23-24, 2004
The following events have been scheduled in conjunction with the April meeting of the University of Nebraska Board of Regents:

Friday, April 23 - Campus Visit, University of Nebraska at Kearney

Please note: Parking is available in Lot 4, north of the Nebraskan Student Union

Continental Breakfast/Refreshments
Nebraskan Student Union
Chancellor’s Dining Room

10:00 - Welcome - Chancellor Doug Kristensen
Nebraskan Student Union - Rooms 238 A & B
10:10The First Year Experience
Kate Benzel, Professor of English

Video Presentation and Comments
Chancellor Kristensen

11:00 - Residence Hall Presentation

UNK Students & Market Comparisons - Lois Flagstad, Dean of Students
Overview of Residence Hall Conditions - Lois Flagstad
Consultants’ Report - Michael Oliphant, Anderson Strickler
Architects’ Report - Scott Stober, Wilkins Hinrichs Stober Architects
Financial Plan - Randy Haack, Vice Chancellor for Business & Finance

11:45 -Lunch - Chancellor’s Dining Room

Tour of Residence Halls (Case Hall, Mantor Hall, Ludden Hall, The Towers) Lois Flagstad

2:00 p.m
Board of Regents Committee Meetings
Nebraskan Student Union - Room 238 (Center Section)

General Affairs Committee
Topic: Diversity Report

Moderator: Linda Crump, Assistant to the Chancellor
and Director of Equity, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Miguel Carranza, Associate Professor, Ethnic Studies, UNL
Ethel Williams, Associate Professor, Public Administration, UNO
Ward Chambers, Executive Director, Office of the Chancellor, UNMC
Claude Louishomme, Assistant Professor, Political Science, UNK

Outreach and Service Committee
Topic: Distance Education Plan

Presenter: Jay Noren, Executive Vice President and Provost

Distance Education Coordinating Council Panel:
Arnold Bateman, Associate Vice Chancellor, Extended Education, UNL
Peg Bottjen, Clinical Education Coordinator, UNMC
David Crouse, Associate Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs, UNMC
Larry Dlugosh, Professor, Education Administration, UNL
John Fiene, Associate Vice Chancellor for Technology, UNO
Wyatt Hoback, Associate Professor, Biology, UNK
Lanyce Keel, Assistant Planning Director, Distance Education, UNO
Gloria Vavricka, Director, Off-Campus Studies, UNK

Planning Committee
Topic: Non-Resident Tuition Issues:
Costs, Enrollment Trends, and Scholarships

Jay Noren, Executive Vice President and Provost
Jim Griesen, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, UNL

Saturday, April 24.

8:30 Meeting>April Meeting of the University of Nebraska Board of Regents
University of Nebraska at Kearney
Nebraskan Student Union, Room 238 (Center Section)

Strategic Issue:
Topic: Biennial Operating and Capital Budget Requests

Jay Noren, Executive Vice President and Provost
Becky Koller, Assistant Vice President
and Director of Facilities Planning and Management

Please note: The agenda for the Board of Regents meeting is posted on the University of Nebraska website:

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