Board of Regents Schedule: February 28 - March 1, 2003
The following events have been scheduled in conjunction with the March 1 meeting of the University of Nebraska Board of Regents:

To: Reporters, Editors, News Directors
From: Joe Rowson

Friday, February 28 - Campus Visit, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

8:15 a.m.Shuttle departs Varner Hall - Parking available at Varner Hall
8:30 a.m.Welcome and refreshments
Harvey Perlman, Chancellor, UNL
Goodding Lab, Plant Science Building, Room 280
9:00 a.m.21st Century Extension
Elbert Dickey, Dean and Director, Cooperative Extension
10:00 a.m. Shuttle departs East Campus
10:15 a.m. Extended Education Opportunities
John Foster, Professor of Entomology
Larry Walklin, Professor of Broadcasting
Sheran Cramer, Associate Professor of Family and Consumer Sciences
Teachers College Hall, Room 202
11:15 a.m. Background Tour of Housing
Jim Griesen, Vice Chancellor for Students Affairs
Abel Hall, Room 1307
12:00 noon Lunch
Selleck Hall, Executive Dining Room
1:15 p.m. Review of Model for proposed housing renovation project
Mail Distribution Center, 1820 R Street
1:45 p.m Academic Affairs Committee - Board Room, Varner Hall
Issues in Costs of Higher Education
Jay Noren, Executive Vice President and Provost (speaker)
James Griesen, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, UNL
Craig Munier, Director of Scholarships and Financial Aid, UNL
Derek Hodgson, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, UNO
Galen Hadley, Interim Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, UNK
David Crouse, Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, UNMC
2:45 p.m. Business Affairs Committee
Audit Report
Paul Becker, Deloitte & Touche
3:45 p.m. General Affairs Committee
UNL Residence Hall Master Plan
Jim Griesen, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, UNL (speaker)
Doug Zatechka, Director of University Housing, UNL
Michael Hager, Associate Director of Housing, Administration,
and Information Systems, UNL
4:45 p.m. Planning Committee
Criteria for Evaluation and Prioritization
of Academic Programs Revisited
L. Dennis Smith, President, University of Nebraska
Saturday, March 1
8:30 a.m. Regular meeting of the University of Nebraska Board of Regents
 Strategic Issue:Value of Sports and Other Co-Curricular
Activities in the Undergraduate Experience
Nancy Belck, Chancellor, UNO
Douglas Kristenesn, Chancellor, UNK
Harvey Perlman, Chancellor, UNL
Student Athletes

Note: The agenda for the Board of Regents meeting is posted on the university website,

Items of interest scheduled for this meeting:

Omaha Public Power District/University of Nebraska-Lincoln Agreement - IX-B-2

The Board of Regents will be asked to approve an agreement between OPPD and UNL to allow faculty and students from UNL’s Energy Systems Lab to do research on renewable energy and energy efficiency. The research will study fuel cell technology, solar energy applications, building design and control technologies, and conservation technologies used to minimize energy use while improving comfort levels in commercial and institutional buildings.

Room and Board Rates - Section X-B

The Board of Regents will be asked to approve new room and board rates at the University of Nebraska at Kearney, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture, and meal rates at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. The room and board rate increases are about 6.5% higher than current rates. Proposed meal plans at UNO are 4.5% higher than current plans. Housing rates in UNO’s University Village will increase by 5.0% for rent, and 3% for furniture rental. There is an additional monthly fee for data/internet services –$9.80 for nine-month contracts and $9.29 for 12-month contracts. Fees for University Village are determined by the Century Development company. Rates for Scott Hall room and board have not yet been established by the Suzanne and Walter Scott Foundation. Scott Village, which is scheduled to open in the Fall semester, will have a rate of $375 per month based on a 12-month contract which includes furniture rental, basic cable television, electricity and data/internet services.

Spring Headcount Enrollments X-D-2

Enrollments at the University of Nebraska have increased by 310 students or 0.7% compared to Spring of 2002. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln experienced an increase of 160 students or 0.8%. The University of Nebraska Medical Center saw an increase of 83 students, or 3.1%. The University of Nebraska at Omaha’s enrollment increased by 39 students, or 0.3%, and the University of Nebraska at Kearney gained 28 students, for a 0.5% increase. The Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture increased by 10 students, or 4.5% Total university enrollment (with NCTA) now stands at 43,700.

Mariana Witt Electronic Scholarship Center X-D-9

The computer training room in the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Love Library has been named in honor of Mariana Witt, a longtime supporter of the University of Nebraska and university libraries. Her estate included a sizable gift to the University of Nebraska Foundation for the libraries endowment, increasing the endowment amount by 25%. The room will now be known as the “Mariana Witt Electronic Scholarship Center.”


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