University of Nebraska Committee to Study Minority Faculty Equity
Lincoln, Neb. (March 5, 2005) -- Howard L. Hawks, chairman of the Board of Regents, has announced the formation of a committee to study equity issues among minority faculty members at the University of Nebraska. The "2005 Ad Hoc Committee on Minority Faculty Equity" will be chaired by Regent Randolph M. Ferlic of Omaha. Additional members of the committee will be named within the next two weeks.

"The University of Nebraska recognizes the value and importance of a diverse and inclusive learning environment," Hawks said. "This committee will conduct a comprehensive review of the trends in the ethnic and racial composition of the faculty on all four campuses of the University of Nebraska, as well as their peers, and will identify policies or procedures that facilitate or impede the university’s ability to recruit and retain faculty of color."

Specifically, Hawks said the ad hoc committee will: - Compile and review the policies, recommendations, and appropriate data associated with minority faculty equity across the university system; - Compile and review comparable data for peer institutions; - Ensure effective applications of policies and practices supporting minority faculty equity; - Assure accountability for the policies and practices supporting minority equity.

Hawks said the committee’s report is intended to summarize the history of programs and policies of the university with regard to minority faculty equity, present data on multi-year trends and current status of the representation of minorities in the faculty, and make recommendations for the future.

The committee process will be identical to the one instituted by the Board of Regents last year to study gender equity issues at the University of Nebraska. That committee’s report was submitted to and approved by the Board of Regents in January, 2005.

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