Board of Regents Schedule, October 17, 2003
The following events have been scheduled in conjunction with the October 17 meeting of the University of Nebraska Board of Regents:

Please note: All events on this schedule will take place in the Board Room, Varner Hall, 3835 Holdrege St., in Lincoln.

Committee Meetings
9:30 a.m.Academic Affairs Committee
Topic:University of Nebraska Biosecurity Center Update
Speaker:Steven Hinrichs, Professor, Department of Pathology/Microbiology, University of Nebraska Medical Center, Director, Center for Biosecurity, and Director, Nebraska Public Health Laboratory
10:00 a.m.Planning Committee
Topic:Gender Equity Report
Speakers:Karen Falconer Al-Hindi, Director, Women’s Studies
University of Nebraska at Omaha

Joy Ritchie, Director, Women’s Studies
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Myrna Newland, Director, Equity Office
University of Nebraska Medical Center

Kim Sosin, Chair, Department of Economics
University of Nebraska at Omaha

Carol Lomicky, Associate Professor, Journalism
University of Nebraska at Kearney
11:00 a.m.Information Technology Committee
Topic:Nebraska Educational Television Digital Update
Speakers:Rod Bates, Director, University Television
Walter Weir, Chief Information Officer
1:15 p.m.October Meeting of the Board of Regents
Strategic Issue:State of the University Address
Speaker:L. Dennis Smith, President
Items of Interest:
1. State of the University Address (Strategic Issue): In this annual address President Smith will review progress at the University of Nebraska during his nearly 10 years in office, during which the university made significant improvements in the quality of its academic programs and the efficiency of its business and administrative operations. He will also describe his vision for the future of the university.
2. Gender Equity Report (Item X-D-1): This is an annual report to the board on the status of women at the University of Nebraska. Representatives of each campus will review progress in the university’s effort to provide equitable treatment of women and the creation of a culture supportive of women’s aspirations. They will also cite areas in which improvements are called for.
3. Personnel Reports for 2003-2004 (Item X-D-2): These reports include a listing of the salaries of all university personnel at the rank of assistant professor and above.
4. New Electric Power Substation for UNL (Item X-B-1): The Board of Regents will be asked to approve the conveyance of property from the University of Nebraska to the Lincoln Electric System (LES) for construction of a new substation at 17th and Holdrege Streets. The new substation will provide additional energy for UNL, greater reliability for the surrounding area, and capacity to meet future energy demands on the campus.
5. Second Business and Technology Facility at UNO (Item X-B-2): The Board of Regents will be asked to approve an amendment to the Business and Technology Facilities Ground Lease with the Suzanne and Walter Scott Foundation to add a second business and technology facility on land currently leased. An additional four acres of adjacent property is needed to provide sufficient parking for the two facilities. The Scott Foundation will pay for all costs of construction and operation of the proposed new facility.
6. Appointment of a Presidential Advisory Search Committee: At this meeting, the Board of Regents is expected to name an 18-member committee to conduct a search for candidates for the position of President of the University of Nebraska. Under board policy, the committee must provide representation for central administration, campus administration, faculty, students, the University of Nebraska Foundation, and the general public. One member of the board will be designated to serve as an ex officio, nonvoting member. That regent and one representative of the general public serve as co-chairs of the committee, which is required to submit not less than four and not more than eight candidates for consideration by the board.
Please note: The agenda for the October 17 meeting of the Board of Regents will be posted on the University of Nebraska website,, at noon on Friday, October 10.
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