NU Board of Regents to meet November 9
The University of Nebraska Board of Regents will meet on Friday, November 9, at Varner Hall, 3835 Holdrege St., Lincoln. Committee meetings begin at 8 a.m. and the board meeting begins at 1 p.m.

*Please note: The University of Nebraska Board of Regents committee and board meetings are now audio streamed live on the university’s web site. Those who want to hear BOR meetings online can go to, and tune in.

The Regents will be asked to approve submission of a $16 million budget deficit request to partially fund replacement of the university-wide Student Information Systems (SIS), a system that is critical to the daily operation and the institutional information of the university.

The SIS system impacts the more than 46,500 students who attend the university, and the more than 12,000 faculty and staff members who work there. In fact, every aspect of a student’s relationship with the university is supported by the system, including key academic and student-related administrative functions such as recruitment, admissions, registration, billing, degree audit, housing, institutional reporting and all financial aid activities.

The university’s vendor has warned that the current NU student information system is quickly becoming technologically obsolete and more difficult and costly to maintain and enhance. Further, vendor representatives have stated they will not support the university’s SIS system past the close of 2011. The $16 million would cover software, hardware and consulting costs needed immediately to begin the complex and lengthy replacement process of three to five years.

The Regents also will vote on approval of several major projects:

A new 17,200-square-foot Ashfall Fossil Beds Excavation Building at Ashfall Fossil Beds State Historical Park, located near Royal, Nebraska. The Park is owned by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission and operated by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) as a branch of the University Nebraska State Museum used for paleontological research, informal science education and outreach. The new building – to be named the Hubbard Family Foundation Rhino Barn – would allow for decades of additional excavation work and protection of the fragile, unique fossil resources housed there.

A new two-story, 28,000 square-foot Geriatric Center building on the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) campus located on the intersection of Leavenworth Street and 38th Avenue. The new structure is intended to better serve the needs of Nebraska’s aging population, and would house a multi-faceted program including academic programs and faculty practice clinics for geriatric medicine and psychiatry, expanded outpatient service, faculty offices, lab research space, and a community education and outreach center for older people.

The agenda for committee meetings follows:

8 a.m. Academic Affairs

Topic: Strategic Framework Reports
Presenters: Enrollment, Kristin Yates, Associate Director of Institutional Research

Nebraska Top 25 Percent, Marijane Hancock, Assistant Vice President and Director of Institutional Research and Planning

Nonresident Students, Linda Pratt, Executive Vice President and Provost

Workforce Development, Pete Kotsiopulos, Vice President for University Affairs; and Linda Pratt

Topic: College of Public Health Report
Presenter: Jay Noren, Dean of the College of Public Health at UNMC

10:30 a.m. Business Affairs Committee

Topic: Strategic Framework Report: LB 605
Presenter: Rebecca Koller, Assistant Vice President and Director of Facilities Planning and Management

Topic: Mead Clean-up
Presenter: David Lechner, Vice President for Business and Finance

Topic: Deficit Request Presenter: Chris Kabourek, Assistant Vice President and Director of Budget and Planning

Topic: Information Technology Security
Presenter: Walter Weir, Chief Information Officer; and Joshua Mauk, Information Security Officer

Highlights of the day’s morning and afternoon sessions include:

Reports offering updates on the progress of several specific issues at the university: Enrollment, Nebraska’s top 25 percent students, nonresident students and workforce development.

Approval of funding for capital improvements to the Nebraska Unions, University Health Center and university housing facilities at UNL.

A presentation on the new College of Public Health at UNMC. The college became operational in January of 2007, and Regents will vote on approval of the college’s five major departments: Biostatistics; Environmental, Agricultural and Occupational Health; Epidemiology; Health Services Research and Administration; and Health Promotion, Social and Behavioral Health.

Approval of a request to establish the Center for Clinical and Translational Research at UNMC, intended to facilitate the growth of research and research funding in this area.

Approval of the creation of a new degree for the Master of Science with a major in Architectural Engineering, through the Omaha-based Charles W. Durham School of Architectural Engineering and Construction at UNL. The degree is a research-oriented program designed specifically to prepare graduates with the required skills needed to enter the College of Engineering’s Ph.D. degree program with specialization in Architectural Engineering.

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