NU Board of Regents passes resolution on Affirmative Action petition
The University of Nebraska Board of Regents unanimously passed a resolution Friday affirming its commitment to broad diversity among students and faculty at the University of Nebraska. The board took a position on a petition currently being circulated in Nebraska that would prohibit the use of race, gender and other factors in the operation of public higher education: in recruiting, hiring and admission decisions at the University.

"For Nebraska to be successful and competitive, we must be able to maximize the talents of all Nebraskans," University of Nebraska President James B. Milliken said at the Board of Regents meeting Friday. "That means creating educational and economic opportunities for our citizens by increasing participation in higher education, particularly among those populations traditionally underrepresented."

Milliken said the initiative could impact the university’s ability to recruit effectively from under-represented groups, as well as efforts to increase the college going rate in Nebraska.

A number of university programs could be at risk if the petition is adopted, including: outreach programs to encourage students of under-represented groups to attend the university, programs to encourage minority students to consider specific professions, programs to recruit and retain minority and women faculty, programs to bring international students to the university, as well as a number of scholarships established to enhance the diversity of the student population.

"If we are to prepare our students to be successful in a global economy, we should offer an educational environment that reflects the diversity of the world," Milliken said. On Friday, Jan. 18, the Board of Regents passed a resolution that took a stand on the petition, which is backed by Ward Connerly, a California businessman who has helped lead similar petition drives in other states. In response to requests for the text of the resolution we have already received, you can find the Board of Regents' resolution at the following link:
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