Agreement Reached on UNO Faculty Salaries
The University of Nebraska and the American Association of University Professors, the collective bargaining unit that represents faculty at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, have reached an agreement on UNO faculty salaries for 2009-2011. The agreement, signed Dec. 14, 2009, is subject to approval by the Board of Regents at its meeting January 22. Faculty represented by the union will receive pay increases of 5.84% over the biennium (2009-2011), which achieves the goal of bringing UNO faculty to the midpoint of faculty at peer institutions. The increase will be 4.5% in 2009-10 and 1.34% in 2010-11. A larger percentage of the increase was approved for the first year of the contract to facilitate financial planning on the campus.

During salary negotiations, the University had offered a two-year total of 5.4%. The union’s final offer of 7.6% over two years (3.8% each year) was selected by a special master. The University appealed the decision of the special master and the matter has since been in litigation. The settlement will result in an estimated $1 million less in personnel costs over the biennium than would have been paid under the special master's order, thus reducing the amount of required reallocations in UNO's budget for the two-year period.

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