University of Nebraska Policy on Vacation Leave
  1. All regular employees of the University of Nebraska shall be granted vacation leave according to schedules in Sections 2.0 and 3.0.
    1. Vacation leave shall accrue on a pay period basis, and an account of such leave earned and used shall be maintained and balanced annually.
    2. Regular part-time employees shall earn vacation leave on a proportionate basis to their FTE.
    3. The maximum amount of vacation leave which may be earned shall be two hundred eighty (280) hours. Employees who have a vacation leave balance that is in excess of 280 hours will not accrue additional vacation leave hours until their balance falls below the maximum of 280 hours.
    4. The rate at which an employee accrues vacation leave shall be computed from the service date and adjusted by breaks in service if such break in service is less than three years.
    5. Employees may be advanced vacation leave in an amount not to exceed a total of forty hours (40) (one work week), prorated for part-time employees. Employees shall reimburse the University for all used, unearned vacation leave upon separation.
  2. Managerial-Professional Staff - Members of the Managerial-Professional staff shall earn twelve (12) workdays of vacation during each of the first two (2) years of employment, eighteen (18) workdays during the third through the fifth year of employment, and twenty-four (24) workdays during each year thereafter.
  3. Office and Service Staff - Office and Service employees shall earn vacation according to the following schedule
    Years of EmploymentHours per MonthHours per YearDays per YearHours per Day
    1st through 5th year8.0096120.26301
    Beginning of 6th yr.10.00120150.32877
    Beginning of 7th yr.10.67128160.35068
    Beginning of 8th yr.11.33136170.37260
    Beginning of 9th yr.12.00144180.39452
    Beginning of 10th yr.12.67152190.41644
    Beginning of 11th yr.13.33160200.43836
    Beginning of 12th yr.14.00168210.46027
    Beginning of 13th yr.14.67176220.48219
    Beginning of 14th yr.15.33184230.50411
    Beginning of 15th yr.16.00192240.52603
    Beginning of 16th yr. and all following years16.67200250.54795
  4. Vacation Leave Use
    1. Vacation leave shall be arranged to not interfere with the conduct of University business.
    2. Unused vacation shall be paid when an employee separates. Upon death of an employee, his or her beneficiary shall be paid for any unused vacation leave of the employee.
    3. If an employee's balance of floating holidays is in excess of 32 hours, the employee must first submit floating holiday absences to bring that balance to 32 hours or less prior to submitting vacation leave.
  5. All regular employees who transfer from employment with the State government or the State colleges shall accrue vacation leave at a rate based on the hiring date with the organization from which they are transferring.
  6. New senior members of the managerial-professional staff may be granted, upon employment, the right to earn vacation days at the rate of eighteen (18) work days or twenty-four (24) workdays per year at the discretion of the Chancellor or President where such exception is necessitated by the conditions in Sections 6.1 and 6.2.
    1. Exceptions may be granted in order to continue such provisions to a staff member who has been eligible for the benefits of such provisions under a prior University employee category.
    2. Exceptions maybe granted in order to recognize prior related work experience.
    3. If eighteen (18) workdays of vacation are granted during the first year of employment, the employee shall earn twenty-four (24) vacation days beginning with the fourth year of employment.
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