Employee Policy Manual

Complete Employee Policy Manual


The following University-wide Human Resource Policies are applicable to the Managerial-Professional and Office and Service Staff. However, some policies are applicable to all employees of the University regardless of employees classification based on Board of Regent Bylaws and Policies. These policies were developed for the purpose of providing university-wide guidance, consistent with Board of Regent Bylaws and Policies, in the management of non-academic staff.


Human Resource Policies are intended for use by Chancellors, Vice Presidents, Vice Chancellors, and other administrative officers designated by the President or the Chancellors. General guidelines are presented and it is expected that in almost every instance, with the exception of the Board of Regent Bylaws and Policies, a supplemental campus procedure may be available. It is not recommended that immediate supervisors utilize this document independently of any related campus procedure.

The policies contained herein may be deleted or modified or new policies may be added by approval of the President through the authority delegated by the Board of Regents. The distribution of any modifications shall be made by the University Administration Director of Human Resources through the Campus Directors of Human Resources. Any interpretations of the manual may be requested of the University Administration Vice President for Business and Finance.

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