The University of Nebraska: A $3.9 Billion Annual Economic Engine for the State

For nearly 150 years, the University of Nebraska has existed to serve the citizens of the state through high-quality, affordable education, research that improves the quality of life for Nebraskans and others, and engagement with citizens in every county. Thanks in part to stable support from the state, the university has been successful in fulfilling its responsibility to Nebraskans.

Today the four campuses of the University of Nebraska serve as major economic drivers for the state, providing 10,000 graduates annually for the workforce, conducting and commercializing innovative research, delivering high-quality clinical care and leveraging partnerships with a range of public and private entities to attract talent and create jobs. The university also is a key contributor to a thriving arts and cultural community in Nebraska that enriches citizens’ lives.

The university engaged Tripp Umbach, a leading national consultant, to conduct an independent analysis of the University of Nebraska’s impact on the state to demonstrate the many ways the university drives Nebraska’s economic and social vitality. Tripp Umbach’s analysis confirms that the university’s impact is significant and far-reaching. NU’s academic activities have an annual impact of $3.9 billion on Nebraska’s economy, and the university supports 1 out of every 36 jobs in the state.

In addition, 1 out of every 7 working-age Nebraskans has a University of Nebraska degree. The 10,000-plus new graduates the NU campuses produce every year grow the state’s earning power by $50 million annually, putting Nebraskans in a stronger position to hold good jobs that support their families and allow them to contribute to their communities.

Beyond the data, this and other analyses confirm that the University of Nebraska is an agent for change for the state and its people. The university touches virtually every Nebraskan – whether by opening an opportunity for a first-generation student to earn a degree, providing care for a cancer patient, supporting an aspiring entrepreneur, advancing agricultural productivity, or countless other ways – and plays a vital role in the state’s economic success and quality of life. Without the opportunities created by its public university, Nebraska cannot be successful.

Full NU Economic Impact Report

Detailed report on the University of Nebraska’s annual economic impact on the state; including project overview, detailed statistics, methodology, breakdown by campus, and more.

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