Budget Response Initiative

Printing & Copying

What We Do

University of Nebraska printing and copying shops provide a wide range of products and services to faculty, staff and students. In addition to basic printing and copying jobs, these include documents on letterhead, business cards, envelopes, signs and nameplates, banners and posters, office supplies, and mailing and distribution.

Printing and copying shops touch virtually all corners of the university, including academic programs, admissions and marketing, information technology, and business and finance, not to mention students and employees with a variety of printing needs. Currently, printing equipment, supplies and practices vary across campuses. There’s a significant opportunity to streamline operations and behaviors in order to cut costs while continuing to serve the diverse printing and copying needs of the university community.

What’s Happening Now

The printing and copying implementation team will be consulting with stakeholders to implement the Budget Response Team strategies, including development of a university-wide printing operation and a university-wide printing policy.

Cost Savings and Strategies

We anticipate approximately $424 thousand in cost savings through the following strategies developed by the Printing and Copying BRT team. These strategies have been approved by the President and Chancellors. For more detailed information, see the document below.

Implementation Team Members

Printing and Copying Implementation Team Chair:

  • Emily Poeschl, UNO
  • Robert Jennings, UNMC

Printing and Copying Implementation Team Members:

  • John Yerger, UNL
  • Kyle Means, UNK
  • Laura Gonnerman, UNCA
  • Jay Killion, UNO

Printing and Copying Contact Info

Emily Poeschl
Director of Marketing, University of Nebraska Omaha

Robert Jennings
Senior Manager, Materials Management, University of Nebraska Medical Center