Budget Response Initiative

Information Technology Services

What We Do

Information Technology Services (ITS) provides enterprise technology services aligned to the strategic priorities of the University of Nebraska and each campus.

ITS teams support over 200 technical services within scaled divisions of:

  • Infrastructure Services
  • IT Security Services
  • Enterprise Services
  • Client Services
  • IT Strategy and Planning

And campus divisions of:

  • Academic Technology Services
  • Application Development Services

What's Happening Now

ITS Update, January 2018

Information Technology Services continues to drive cost savings through consolidating technology infrastructure and systems as well as managing staff alignment and attrition.

The SAP system, which runs Firefly, received a significant upgrade.  Running on mainframe hardware since 1997, the system was migrated to SAP’s newer HANA technical environment.  The move will save significant annual support and licensing costs, as well as providing faster, more reliable performance.

ITS also recently consolidated Omaha and Lincoln virtual server installations into a single datacenter environment to leverage consolidated infrastructure and improved security.

IT staff from UNL Shared Services and UNO Business and Finance were transitioned into ITS beginning this month to maximize best practices, IT security, and economies of scale in serving critical administrative technology needs.  

For more information on changes in ITS, visit: https://its.nebraska.edu/oneit-initiative

Cost Savings and Strategies

We anticipate approximately $6 million in cost savings through the following strategies developed by the Information Technology Services BRT team. These strategies have been approved by the President and Chancellors. For more detailed information, see the document below.

Implementation Team Members

ITS Implementation Team Chairs:

  • Mark Askren, UNL/UNCA (chair)
  • Bret Blackman, UNO (vice chair)

ITS Implementation Team Members:

  • Andrea Childress,  UNK
  • Bob Goeman, UNO Brian Lancaster, NM
  • David Bagby, UNL
  • David Nielsen, UNO
  • Deb Schroeder, UNK
  • Don Mihulka, UNCA
  • Heath Tuttle, UNL
  • Kimberly Harper, UNL/UNCA
  • Lance Perez, UNL
  • Maggie Witt, UNL
  • Neal Wineman, UNL
  • Rick Haugerud, UNL/UNCA
  • Rod Markin, UNMC
  • Erin Busch, UNCA
  • Pam McCoy, UNCA
  • Erin Owen, UNO
  • Jason Buzzell, UNO

ITS Contact Info

Your feedback is important. Please let me know if you have questions, comments or thoughts.

Mark Askren
Vice President for Information Technology, University of Nebraska
Vice Chancellor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln 

Bret Blackman
Associate Vice President and UNO Chief Information Officer