Budget Response Initiative

Facilities Management & Energy

What We Do

The Facilities Management and Energy team is responsible for stewardship and management activities for all University of Nebraska facilities, both on-campus and out-state. The team provides building repair and maintenance, custodial, landscaping and grounds services, plans and programs capital improvement projects, minor construction and engineering projects, overseas construction contracts and bidding, construction management, interior design and renovations, energy management, space planning, and landscape projects. They oversee the upkeep of equipment and building systems, lead energy and waste reduction initiatives and conduction fire and life safety inspections. They also provides utility services – steam, hot water, electricity, natural gas, domestic cold and hot water, and chilled water.

Facilities Management and Energy personnel include:

  • Project Managers
  • Construction Managers
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Interior Designers
  • Landscape Architects
  • Real Estate Specialists
  • Facilities Planners
  • Campus Planners
  • Custodians
  • Groundskeepers
  • Utility Plant Operators

What's Happening Now

President Bounds has asked Mark Miller to lead the consolidation of the five University of Nebraska facilities organizations (UNL, UNMC, UNO, UNK and UNCA) into one, unified facilities organization. This will unite facility functional areas to utilize best practice across the enterprise, deploy common processes and facility systems to increase efficiencies, create economies of scale and permanently save several million dollars annually. It will also allow NU to redeploy dollars into needed deferred maintenance across utility plants, building systems and critical infrastructure.

Mark will continue to manage facilities functions for the UNL campus in his role as Assistant Vice Chancellor for Facilities Planning and Construction, and has also taken on the additional university-wide position of Associate Vice President for Facilities Management.

John Amend and the facilities team at UNO remain in place, as do Lee McQueen and the facilities team at UNK and Ken Hansen and the facilities team at UNMC. These teams now report up to Mark Miller and will retain a dual line to their current campus reporting structure until full implementation of the Facilities-Energy BRT recommendations is complete. This generates a cohesive effort without jeopardizing leadership and critical relationships within the campus.

The facilities team is currently holding conversations across the function. Implementation specifics continue to be determined in the five main facilities areas of: Facilities Strategic Planning; Project Planning, Design and Construction; Operations and Maintenance; Utilities Production and Distribution; and Energy Management. Although the "what' has been decided, the facilities team is still working through the "how", "who", and "when" with stakeholders.

Cost Savings and Strategies

We anticipate approximately $7 million in cost savings through the following strategies developed by the Facilities and Energy BRT team. These strategies have been approved by the President and Chancellors. For more detailed information, see the document below.

Implementation Team Members

Facilities Implementation Team Chair:

  • Mark Miller, Facilities, Planning & Construction, UNL/Chair

Facilities Implementation Team Members:

  • John Amend, Facilities Management, UNO
  • Lalit Agarwal, Facilities Business Analyst, UNL
  • Jen Bartholomew, Facilities Management, NM
  • Darren Dageforde, Energy, UNMC
  • Ken Hansen, Facilities Management, UNMC
  • Jim Jackson, Energy, UNL
  • Laura Kapusta, LES
  • Becky Koller, Facilities Management, UNCA
  • David Lechner, Business & Finance, UNCA
  • Lee McQueen, Facilities Management, UNK
  • Larry Morgan, Energy, UNO
  • Stacia Palser, Office of the General Counsel, UNCA
  • Jackie Ostrowicki, University Affairs, UNCA

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see the below FAQs regarding the Facilities Budget Response team's work. More FAQs will be added as additional strategies are finalized and implemented.

Facilities Contact Info

Your feedback is important. Please let me know if you have questions, comments or thoughts.

Mark Miller
Associate Vice President for Facilities Management, University of Nebraska
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Facilities Planning and Construction, University of Nebraska-Lincoln