Brenda Lee Kouba
Staff Assistant in Medical Technology
School of Allied Health Professions of the College of Medicine

Brenda supports excellence in the education of medical technology students through her commitment to quality, accountability, and ethics. She patiently guides each student through the application process, schedules their interviews, and processes all their paperwork. Once they are enrolled, she helps them track their progress, and assists with the advising process during their year in the program.

Brenda also shows understanding and respect for cultural diversity. She is very supportive of students of color and is of special assistance to many foreign students who may require additional help because of language barriers. She helps all student feel at home in the program.
Pictured: Brenda, Jean Deupree, Associate Professor of Pharmacology, Phyllis Muellenberg, Director of Medical Technology, and Mary Haven, Associate Dean, Allied Health Services Administration Division.

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