WHEREAS, Regent Elizabeth O’Connor has served as Student Regent and Student Body President at the University of Nebraska at Omaha in 2011 and 2012. Throughout this time, Regent O’Connor has worked tirelessly to improve the campus for the students of UNO, not only with her representation to the Board of Regents, but with her passion to provide a greater experience for all students; and

WHEREAS, Regent O’Connor has taken an active approach to reorganizing the Student Government of UNO by seeing the massive by-law revision efforts and restructuring of SG-UNO to fruition, which in turn moved toward the improvement of the entire organization; and

WHEREAS, Regent O’Connor has never failed to look at the bigger picture with each decision made while maintaining a supreme continuation of the positive and progressive changes made at this University, unsanctimoniously offering her extensive knowledge and experience to all those she has worked with; and

WHEREAS, Regent O’Connor has conducted the business of her term with poise and grace, establishing rapport among her peers and within administration and faculty, and serving as an constant source of motivation internally; and

WHEREAS, Regent O’Connor has gone well above and beyond her duties as a Student Body President and Student Regent and has become an admirable and true leader, who has pushed herself and her peers to help UNO realize its full potential. Regent O’Connor has given countless hours and has been recognized as one of the best leaders at UNO today;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that Elizabeth O’Connor, the outgoing Student Body President and UNO Student Regent, be commended by the University of Nebraska Board of Regents for her outstanding service and her unwavering allegiance to the students within the University of Nebraska.

Pictured: President Milliken, Chancellor Christensen, Regent O’Connor Regent Schroeder
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