Pictured: Elbert Dickey, Chris Rees, Jenny Rees, Vice Chancellor Ronnie Green, Susan Williams, Regent Schroeder

WHEREAS, Jennifer Rees has distinguished herself and the University of Nebraska through her service to the Nebraska National Guard and the United States of America by providing extension training; and

WHEREAS, she developed for the National Guard Agribusiness Development Team deploying to Afghanistan two training sessions for ADT2 soldiers and three training sessions for ADT3 soldiers in extension-type work related to crop and livestock production; and
WHEREAS, Jenny serves as a point of contact for agriculture questions and information, providing information back to ADT team members in the field within 24 hours; and
WHEREAS, Jenny’s positive attitude, organizational skills, communication skills, technology expertise, energy, work ethic and knowledge is respected by colleagues, soldiers and producers; and
WHEREAS, Jenny brings purposeful and mission-centered, research-based education to people in need which results in Afghan producers having access to new practices and improved income; and

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Regents thanks and expresses its gratitude and appreciation to Jennifer Rees for her service to the University, the United States, the National Guard and agriculture producers in Afghanistan.

Accepted by acclamation September 14, 2012
Presented by Regent Kent Schroeder

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