Peter Kiewit Institute (2013)
Whereas, the University of Nebraska is the state’s only public research university with responsibility for education, research and outreach across Nebraska; and

Whereas, the university has set forth a number of strategic goals relating to high quality education, research that matters to Nebraska, outreach to Nebraska business and development of a talented workforce; and

Whereas, since 1995 pursuant to wide agreement and a decision by the Board of Regents, education, research and outreach in information science and technology and engineering in Omaha have been delivered through the Peter Kiewit Institute, an innovative collaboration between two campuses and the UNO College of Information Science and Technology and the UNL College of Engineering; and

Whereas, since 1995, the Peter Kiewit Institute has enjoyed much success, including significantly increased enrollments, growth in research, and widely successful relationships with business and industry; and

Whereas, in response to questions about current and future needs for education, research and outreach in Omaha and the role of the Peter Kiewit Institute, the Academic Affairs Committee of the Board of Regents spent months reviewing the development and progress of PKI and its capacity for meeting future needs in Omaha and Nebraska, receiving input from a wide range of internal and external stakeholders; and

Whereas, a recent external study conducted for the Board by distinguished national leaders in engineering and information technology confirmed that PKI has enjoyed significant success to date and very high, although in some cases unrealized potential, and made specific recommendations for achieving future success; and

Whereas, the Board and the President charged the two chancellors with administrative responsibility for the constituent colleges in PKI, UNO Chancellor Christensen and UNL Chancellor Perlman, with leading the development of a plan to address the key challenges identified by the Academic Affairs Committee; and

Whereas, working with the UNO and UNL senior vice chancellors, the deans of the two constituent colleges and the PKI executive director, the chancellors have developed aggressive and ambitious plans to fulfill the potential of PKI in the years ahead; and

Whereas, integrated strategic planning and increased collaboration, dramatic growth in faculty hires, enrollment and research expenditures, improvement of graduation and retention rates, enhanced industry engagement, and investment in a single, strong College of Engineering with a significantly larger presence in Omaha will be a key element of PKI reaching its full potential; and

Whereas, the university is partnering with the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce to, among other things, assess the workforce needs of metropolitan businesses, which will inform future planning and metrics based on data and constituent feedback; and

Whereas, the Board of Regents remains strongly supportive of and fully committed to the success of PKI and intends to regularly monitor the institute’s performance to ensure appropriate benchmarks are established and met, and to require annual reports on performance and plans from the cognizant chancellors;

Now, therefore, be it resolved that upon the recommendation of the Academic Affairs Committee, the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska: (1) accepts the plans of the university’s academic leadership to move PKI forward to the next level of accomplishment to provide the education, research, and outreach that meet the engineering and information science and technology needs of Omaha and Nebraska, (2) commits to support efforts of administration and faculty to meet these important goals and to providing the oversight and governance appropriate to ensure success, and (3) directs that a new, integrated plan for PKI, advancing the goals and objectives of the campus plans and setting forth metrics reflecting commitments and goals in the campus plans including investments, faculty hiring, program development and enrollment goals, be submitted to the Academic Affairs Committee by December 31, 2013, for the Committee’s review and any recommendations to the Board.
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