Marcia Fritz and Mindy Young
Marcia Fritz and Mindy Young


Marcia and Mindy helped the University of Nebraska at Kearney deal with the issue of child care on the campus.

Through their guidance, the UNK Childcare Task Force developed a plan to provide a high-quality, affordable childcare center. They were also very helpful in finding a director for the center. And then they turned their attention to developing policies and procedures that will ensure the center's smooth operation and will lead to its accreditation within the next year.

As teachers of early childhood education, Marcia and Mindy will continue to lend their expertise to the center. And their students will use the center as a site to apply their teaching skills first hand.
Pictured: Regent Kent Schroeder, Mindy Young, Marcia Fritz, Chacellor Styles-Johnston

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