Margaret Vigilito
Margaret Vigilito
Staff Assistant
Academic Records Office

Among Marge's responsibilities is the scheduling of meeting rooms for groups who meet for conferences, seminars, and staff planning sessions. In fact, she has 55 rooms scattered across UNMC's 76-acre campus to choose from–all of them are in heavy demand.

As more and more courses incorporate small-group discussions into their curriculum, UNMC has more difficulty in finding meeting-room space to satisfy everyone's needs at the times they want. Somehow, Marge always seems to work her magic and come up with a suitable location with all the right equipment for the type of meeting being scheduled.

Marge says that, while there is considerable pressure associated with her assignment, she feels she has the freedom and the authority she needs to help solve people's scheduling problems. If there is a mistake or a conflict, she moves quickly to resolve the issue with the help of Scheduler Plus, a computer program that allows her to track every room in 12 different buildings.
Pictured: Chancellor Hal Maurer, colleague Jeanne Ferbrache, Marge Virgilito, and Regent Javine Winterboer

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