Ralph E. Hammack, Jr.
Ralph E. Hammack, Jr.
Senior Videographer
University Television

Ralph has been instrumental in creating many of the best programs produced for Nebraska Educational Television. On that list are virtually all of the football blockbusters, including "Coach Devaney," "A Day in the Life of Husker Football," and "Coach Osborne - More than Winning." Ralph has recently completed editing and videography for "Husker Century - Pioneer Spirit."

Over the years, Ralph has increasingly contributed more of the conceptual content of programs, creating themes that make them memorable. In the "Pioneer Spirit" program, for example, he would not rest until he found a way to include the problems involved with recruiting African-American players in the 1920s and 1930s. Those who have seen the program know how important this was to its overall integrity. Ralph also worked on the excellent documentary that described the Hagel brothers' experience in Viet Nam.
Pictured: Ralph's sons Taylor, Ryan, and Zachary, Chancellor Harvey Perlman, wife Pam, Ralph, and Regent Jay Matzke

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