David Richardson
David Richardson
Campus Security Service

Dave was an Omaha Police Officer for six years before joining the UNO staff in 1999. He has demonstrated his skills in countless investigations that have led to the recovery of personal property and the identification of suspects in thefts and vandalism. He notes that the increasing use of high-quality digital cameras to scan critical areas of the campus have made his job easier in recent years.

Some of the cameras are portable and can be moved to sites of suspected unlawful activity - parking lots, for example. Dave notes, however, that the incidents that occur on the UNO campus are rarely are serious in nature. He monitors suspicious activity and investigates minor thefts, but mostly, he just enjoys visiting with students on the campus.

In August, Dave earned his Master of Business Administration degree from UNO, and received the 2002 distinguished student award in the Executive MBA program.
Pictured: David, Paul Kossel, assistant manager of security and traffic, Chancellor Belck, Regent Riggs.

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