Patricia L. Masek
Patricia L. Masek
Secretary Specialist
Electrical Engineering Department of the College of Engineering and Technology

Pat provides consistently high quality service to the department in all of its administrative functions, including all financial and budgetary matters.

As the senior administrative assistant in the department, Pat takes the lead in working with faculty, staff, and students. She handles each interaction professionally, promptly, and correctly. She is an indispensable source of information about the university's administrative systems and processes.

At the same time, she is a concerned and caring person. She's always the first to congratulate members of the staff on their accomplishments or to offer a word of encouragement and support to those experiencing difficulties. And her willingness to help does not stop when she leaves the office. She frequently helps foreign students with everything from grocery shopping to finding housing - all on her own time.
Pictured: Chair of Electrical Engineering John Boye, Interim Dean of the College of Engineering and Technology Bill Splinter, Chancellor Perlman, Patricia Masek, and Regent Blank.

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